Consultant, Leader, and Confidant for Purchasing

Would you like to:

  • see your purchasing and internal corporate sales divisions talk to each other, learn from one another, and extract profit from their collaboration?
  • help your purchasing department develop and expand social skills like teamwork, communication skills, and self-expression?
  • watch your internal corporate sales become a stronger ambassador for the company?
  • put your purchasing department on the road to becoming a competent partner in an international context?

Then it’s time for some real talk that’s open, honest, and appreciative.

I’m a confidant: You can tell me what you’d like to improve — feel free to talk. I’m a consultant: I’ll tell you what works in your specific situation and what does not. I’m a leader: I’ll be by your side to implement the whole thing. I set an example and place great importance on each person knowing the role they have in the process and what is expected of them. I hold myself to this standard, as well as the people who work with me.